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nächster stammtisch:
Am Dienstag, den 16.7. um 18 Uhr
Im tavola - viçosa MG - Brazil 

16 Juli 24 Stammtisch Fernweh.png

Ambition is the first step to 


Available courses

*Material is not included in the price for regular courses

Who we are


Disseminate and propagate the German language and culture, bringing new experiences to the public, building bridges between different cultures. 



Fun: We seek, through a pleasant experience, to provide our students with a happy study environment that enables them to have a pleasurable and efficient learning experience. 


Otherness: Promote in our environment respect for individual and collective differences through the different cultural experiences that permeate us. 


Innovation: Always developing new methods in language teaching, striving for excellence in the teaching and learning process. In addition, we seek to convey a more modern image of contemporary Germany. 


Ethics: Ensure transparency and compliance with ethical and moral values in the professional and learning environment. 


Visionary freedom: Visionary Freedom: to provide our stakeholders with a glimpse of new horizons, through a space for discussion of ideas, customs, and different perspectives, aiming at a holistic vision. 



To be outstanding in the market of Brazil and the world, exploring new methods of teaching the German language, presenting itself as an Institute of excellence before its stakeholders. 

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