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Who we are

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Passionate about inspiring others

   I love learning and teaching. I enjoy adventures and think that learning a new language and getting to know a new culture should be a pleasurable adventure that brings a lot of joy.

   Developing new skills is increasingly important in our lives, both for professional and personal goals. Always curious, I seek new challenges and try to pass on my experiences to my clients. For example, I study Arabic, a very challenging language that allows me to experience the difficulties my students have in learning a new language. I am part of a group that studies neuroscience in education in order to transfer this new knowledge into the classroom. 


   On my travels I always keep in touch with Germany, but I also try to discover other places and enjoy sharing my experiences with my students. 


   I regularly visit the publisher of the German language teaching methods that we use and keep up to date on new developments, taking part in webinars, conferences and meetings for German teachers. 


   In twenty years as director, pedagogical coordinator and teacher at Alliance Française de Viçosa I have had plenty of opportunities for further education in the field of pedagogy and to constantly apply new knowledge. 


   I believe that the most important thing in teaching in general is a good balance between class activities, always keeping curiosity and enthusiasm alive.


   Living good adventures - always...

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